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Variable Sheave

  • Adjustable Design: Variable sheave allows for easy adjustment to accommodate different belt sizes.
  • Flexible Performance: It provides flexibility in speed and torque control for various applications.
  • Durable Construction: Made of high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Efficient Operation: Helps in optimizing the efficiency of the machinery it is used in.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to maintain and replace if necessary.

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Types of Sheave Pulleys

  • V-Belt Sheave: Designed for use with V-belts to transmit power efficiently.
  • Flat Belt Sheave: Ideal for flat belt power transmission systems.
  • Rope Sheave Pulley: Used with ropes for lifting and pulling applications.
  • Wire Rope Sheave: Specifically designed for wire ropes in heavy-duty lifting operations.
  • Cable Sheave Pulley: Suitable for cable applications in various industries.
  • Timing Belt Sheave: Precision-engineered for timing belt power transmission systems.

What is a Sheave on a Pulley

  • Definition: A sheave on a pulley is a grooved wheel used to guide or change the direction of a moving belt or cable.
  • Function: It helps in transmitting power efficiently between the driver and driven components.
  • Material: Sheaves are typically made of metal or durable plastic to withstand heavy loads.
  • Size: The size of the sheave is determined by the application and the type of belt or cable used.
  • Installation: Sheaves are mounted on shafts or axles and secured in place to ensure proper operation.

What are Sheaves used for?

  • Power Transmission: Sheaves are essential components in power transmission systems.
  • Lifting and Pulling: Used in various lifting and pulling applications for efficient operation.
  • Mechanical Systems: Integral part of mechanical systems for speed and torque control.
  • Industrial Machinery: Found in industrial machinery for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Agricultural Equipment: Utilized in agricultural equipment for smooth operation in farming applications.
  • Automotive Industry: Widely used in the automotive industry for different functions in vehicles.

Process of Sheave Pulley


The mold for sheave pulleys is carefully designed to ensure accurate and consistent production.

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High-quality materials are melted and poured into the mold to create the sheave pulley shape.

Raw Materials

Only the best raw materials are used to guarantee the durability and performance of the sheave pulleys.


The production process involves precision machining and assembly of the sheave pulleys.


Each sheave pulley undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets quality standards and specifications.

Antirust Treatment

Special antirust treatment is applied to the sheave pulleys to protect them from corrosion and extend their lifespan.

Separate Inspection

Final inspection is conducted separately to confirm the quality and performance of each sheave pulley.


Each sheave pulley is marked with necessary details for identification and traceability.

How do you adjust sheave pulleys?

  • Loosen the Set Screws: Loosen the set screws on the sheave to allow for adjustment.
  • Rotate the Sheave: Rotate the sheave to the desired position for belt tension adjustment.
  • Reposition the Belt: Reposition the belt on the sheave to achieve the desired tension.
  • Retighten Set Screws: Once adjusted, retighten the set screws to secure the sheave in place.
  • Check Alignment: Ensure the sheave is properly aligned with other components for smooth operation.
  • Test Operation: Test the sheave pulley to confirm that the adjustment has been successful.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly check and adjust sheave pulleys to maintain optimal performance.

About HZPT

At HZPT, we are dedicated to providing high-quality sheave pulleys that meet the needs of our customers. Our company, established in 2006 and headquartered in Hangzhou, specializes in manufacturing precision transmission components. We offer a wide range of products, including customized options to suit your specific requirements.

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Before establishing our overseas sales team, we have been producing 3D printer parts, security screws and nuts, camera mounts, and more. Additionally, we provide assembly production services to streamline the process and save time and costs. With a focus on quality, competitive pricing, and excellent service, we strive to be your top choice for transmission components. Partner with us today and experience the difference!